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Comedy Horror Thriller. Colt puhukoon puolestani Amerikan painajainen Horror Crime Thriller.

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Mielipuolen vankina ROPEd Short Drama History. A woman named Mary Webster is accused of being a witch and she is hanged.

Not yet released. Edit Cast Complete credited cast: Joseph Bottoms Joe Kathleen Beller Kate R. David Margaret Dragu Anna Michael Ironside Wayne Larry Schwartz Rod James Buller Paul Matthew McCauley Roger Diane Bigelow Nikki Mark Letterman Edit Storyline A young girl and her friends set off on an expedition into the wilderness in order to find her missing father.

Taglines: They survived the savage wilderness. They would never be the same. Edit Details Country: Canada. Language: English. Budget: CAD2,, estimated. Runtime: 89 min.

Kathleen Jamie: a life in writing

Sound Mix: Mono. Color: Color. Edit Did You Know? Crazy Credits "You will be happy to know that the bull moose was "shot" with a tranquilizer and unharmed; and that the great blue heron was found dead in a barn and kept in a freezer for two years for this picture. Add the first question. User Reviews Just what was the point of this?

We are a family run surfacing contractor based in Builth Wells, Powys, covering Mid Wales.

Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Edit page. Clear your history. I normally read dystopian or fantasy books with dragons, or vile witches. This novel possesses none of those, I assure you, but it does having a stabbing realism that constantly keeps you on edge. It's taught me that all books are precious; not just the ones with the most plot twists.

Maggie is so relatable to so many girls and boys out there in the world, which is why I think it's touched my heart the way that it has. I will mention that this book is somewhat short, hence the fact that I finished it in one day, and it will not satisfy your need for a long drama novel with a sequel. There is no second book, which I find oddly refreshing instead of feeling put out and distraught as I usually am when finishing a stand-alone book. May 06, Vedika rated it it was ok. The plot was nonexistent. The whole book was just her living her life and providing backstory on it. Also, was the 'twist' thrown in at the end meant to be a twist?

Because by that point everything kinda went haywire but also got super boring at the same time. Pretty sure the only reason I finished this book was because 1. It is short and 2. I had nothing else to read for fiction. I mean seriously? This book was super shallow pun not intended.

No feelings, just writing that barely b The plot was nonexistent.

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No feelings, just writing that barely brushes the surface I'm not even forcing these puns anymore. And dear Maggie- your ability isn't special. You just deliver vibes to people that allow them to confess to you - and confess things about their family or friends. Boohoo; they're not confessing murder or sweet sacrifice to you.

So, please! You're not that special. I tried to give this one a go. Unfortunately it was just not able to keep my focus. The beginning seems too choppy with flashbacks and unnecessary information that I sorta lost track of where the story was even going by time I reached chapter 2. I'm sure that if you can push yourself past that it's probably an ok book Nov 26, Jasper rated it did not like it. I didn't enjoy it as much as I expected to.

It seemed like it would be a very good book.

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Jul 25, Ginger rated it it was ok. A mere shadow of what this book could have been. It needed more pages and a good editor. Jul 03, Amanda rated it really liked it. I loved the voice of the character. Sep 09, Arpin rated it it was ok. The book was mainly about the lingering guilt that the character Maggie had. The storyline can be improved a little to make the book interesting. Jan 03, Kai rated it liked it Shelves: for-review , arc , tbr-pile. Review posted at Amaterasu Reads Fascination. There was a deep, deep fascination from inside of me that made me want to read this novel.

It sounds moving, deep, even sad. But this novel, in the end just left me feeling so conflicted. Does Maggie really have this uncanny trait of letting people open up to her without her doing anything? Can it even be considered as something special? If she can make people talk, why couldn't she find it in herself to talk as well?

It's a little bit unnerving to Review posted at Amaterasu Reads Fascination. It's a little bit unnerving to be able to hear the things you don't want to and the things you don't usually ask about come out freely, because you feel it, and you think about it once you hear them. At that point, I understand why Maggie is such a recluse. However, I do not feel any sympathy for her especially with the way she handled her romantic relationships.

If she was a smart girl, she will believe it when the only friend she has who knows her better than herself, Julie, tells her to stay away from someone. But in her quest to find love, she willingly, stubbornly threw away her chance with that one person who liked her for who she is. Nathan was the one thing that felt right, but then what do you expect in a relationship that started purely because of Maggie's desire to lose her virginity and prepare herself for another guy?

Even that sounded so shallow and ridiculous to me. It's a different story when it comes to seeing how the tragedy that set Maggie towards the path she was taking, unravel before her eyes. Losing her older sister had killed something inside of her, and I am not saying that it's an enough of a reason to explain why Maggie became the person that she was, but the wounds that the five year old Maggie had never had a chance to heal, the secrets she held back then couldn't get out and they're surfacing one by one as she gets older, as she starts thinking of ways to cope with her brush with romance, with complicated friendships, because her older sister was supposed to be by her side to help her through it all and yet she's not.

Who will she turn to when her family is crumbling because of the pain and bitterness that built up years after her sister's death? How can Maggie, who blames herself for what happened to her sister, forgive herself?

After nature

This particular parts of the story is what made me hold on it a little bit more, the sadness, loneliness and that feeling of being lost is something I want to read, what made me connect to Maggie somehow and understand her a little bit more. Somewhat moving, somehow sad, a little bit deep, Surfacing might be a moving, emotional read depending on how one approaches the issues discussed in this book.

It wasn't something that I responded greatly to, given the negative emotions several of Maggie's issues had made me feel, and they were things I do not agree well with, but there were moments and elements in the story that made me think that it had a potential to be a more worthwhile read. It could have been written in a way that presented Maggie in a more positive light instead of being a girl so desperate to receive love from some guy who's only after the sex when there's this one person who loves her willingly and she chose to destroy all of that.

If you ever decide to give this a try, tell me if you liked it or not. Jan 05, Joy joyous reads rated it it was ok Shelves: arc. Imagine for a moment that you have the natural ability to bring out the truth in anyone; they can't lie to you. They can tell you their secrets with very little encouragement and most of the time, none at all. You, on the other hand, is a closed lid. You frustrate your best friend because you don't tell her things that are on the list of things you must tell your best friend. Things like, having the boy you like come over to your house and attempts to have sex with you numerous times and failing Imagine for a moment that you have the natural ability to bring out the truth in anyone; they can't lie to you.

Things like, having the boy you like come over to your house and attempts to have sex with you numerous times and failing. Or that home is like a mine full of taut conversations and slammed doors brought on by resentments and a marriage on the fast lane to divorce city. How would you escape? For Maggie Paris, the way to silence everyone's truths is by being in the water. Ironic, since, once upon a time, she couldn't even bring herself to go near shower - let alone a bathtub full of water. Having witnessed her older sister's drowning, she'd feared the water.

But she faced her fear, took lessons and had become one of the best swimmers at her school. Growing up with her ability meant a lonely existence. Once the people around her divulged their dark, deepest secrets, they stay away from her like she carries the bubonic plague. She has a tough time getting close to anyone; she walks around unhappy, lonely and burdened with guilt. It's hard to figure out what Maggie really wants out of her life because as soon as she gives herself a chance to be happy, she goes and consciously makes herself unhappy.

This is the story of how a teenager coped with the burden of guilt, ever present grief and an ability that's more a curse than a blessing. This book could've been one of those that would tug at your heart strings but sadly, all it evoked was a feeling of cold detachment for the characters. And even with the tragedy that had happened to her older sister when they were kids, this book failed to bring out emotions characteristic of a story dealing with death. It also suffered from a loosely-written plot that, in all honesty, lacked any cohesiveness to make it work.

Maggie's uncanny ability to urge willing confessions from everyone was what drew me to this book in the first place but sadly, it wasn't really explored. Aside from the sob stories that the kids around her would confess to, there wasn't anything of worth.

Slipknot - Surfacing Drum Cover With Joey Jordison Mask drum play-through by Jordan

Maggie kept arriving at the wrong decisions that led her to make mistakes left and right. And yet, I couldn't even bring myself to yell at her while I was reading the book. And that is tragic. Over all, this book was a disappointment. Nov 18, J. Many thanks to Candlewick Press for giving me the chance to read and review this from the Goodreads First Reads program. Surfacing caught my eye because of the swimming aspect. See, I am deathly afraid of deep water and drowning. Yet the water still fascinates me. People who can swim without fear especially interest me.

This book had a lot of potential, but it fell short for me because of the main charact Many thanks to Candlewick Press for giving me the chance to read and review this from the Goodreads First Reads program. This book had a lot of potential, but it fell short for me because of the main character. I didn't hate her, but I also didn't like her. I didn't even feel like I knew her too well after the book was over.

Even though Maggie has an interesting past, it felt like the author was somehow keeping me at a distance. She felt one-dimensional, which is sad because I could see the potential for this character. I didn't understand her motives, especially when it came to boys. I also felt a little lost about her "gift" at times and why exactly it would result in her losing friends.

I did enjoy hearing about her life as a swimmer--it's a POV I've always wanted to read from. Maggie's older sister, Leah, also makes a few appearances with her own POV chapters even though she drowned several years ago. I didn't particularly care for these chapters, especially because they were written in first person while Maggie's were in third. I'm still unsure of what reading from Leah's perspective was supposed to add to the story.

I liked Maggie's best friend and her sweet love interest, but they also didn't feel as developed as I would have liked them to be. I was able to relate to the relationships between Maggie and her family, however. That felt very real. The writing itself was beautiful and easy to read, but there were times where I had to re-read certain passages because I didn't always understand what was going on. It had potential. If the characters had been a bit more developed, I would have liked this much better.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from the publisher Candlewick Press for this review. These opinions are my own; I was not required to write a positive review, nor was I compensated for this review. View 2 comments. May 21, Jennifer rated it did not like it Shelves: ya , books-reviewed , e-county-library , reads. It really felt like this book had no soul.

Nobody really feels any feelings. When Maggie was five, her older sister drowns in a pool. Flash forward, and Maggie is in high school, and does really well on the swim team. She has an obsession with the wrestling champ of the school, who even though he has a girlfriend, finds in her a willing, or at least a few steps up from corpse-like booty call, where he fumbles around and humps her stomach. She decides that she simply must lose her virginity by the It really felt like this book had no soul.

She decides that she simply must lose her virginity by the time he comes back from vacation, so that she'll be ready to accomodate him. And she starts dating Nathan, who actually falls in love with her, and she with him. And she realizes why it never happened with wrestling guy.

So, she sleeps with the wrestling guy the first time he comes calling, and feels bad. Her actual boyfriend breaks up with her. As a strange side-note, people tell her things, and then get upset that they did. Like it's a secret magical power she has. Why is that in this book? It would have made no difference to the book if it had not been written in. Did the author have ideas for two books and decide to mash them into one Frankenbook? There are a lot of back and forth flashes between her and her older sister.

How her older sister, hated her and loved her as siblings do, and you find out the story of what happened that day. There is a lot of parental angst happening, but it's not like Maggie is close to her parents or anyone really.

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Everyone seemed so disconected and unthinking.