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The Michigan Mathematical Journal

This showed that it is impossible to square the circle. If are distinct algebraic numbers and are nonzero algebraic numbers, then. If and are algebraic numbers with and not rational, then is transcendental. Notice that.

Champernowne constant can you see the pattern in the digits? Chaitin constant , Chaitin, : an example of a noncomputable, hence transcendental, number.

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But we do not know which one. Seriously, does anyone believe that either one is algebraic? Lipton calls this a mathematical embarrassment. Like this: Like Loading Previous Post Trigonometric functions and rational multiples of pi. Next Post Odds and ends: the genius of Euler, Bulgarian solitaire, and mathematical surprises.

The key to transcendental numbers is polynomials with integer or rational coefficients. The contrapositive statement is now proven. You have a wide variety of uncomputable numbers to choose from.

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If you object that you cannot 'construct' them, then you will have to be more precise in what you mean by 'construct'. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How to construct a transcendental number Ask Question.

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Is there anyway to prove this? Diagonalizing against algebraic numbers produces a computable transcendental number. The proof is exactly the same.

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