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But, the bundle of joy has arrived! A bouncing baby boy? A giggly little girl? With some serious secretive list-making skills being fully honed, we are ready for the next round of high level information security. Carry the One by Carol Anshaw. My trip to the capital this last weekend not only did some serious damage to my waistline thank goodness for skirts with stretchy waists! No worries my math-phobic friends. The title is in no way a reference to adding large numbers by hand!

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In this newest novel by Anshaw, the reader is taken on a multi-decade tour of the lives of a group of friends who share a bond after all are present for a terrible disaster. While some are able to come to terms with what happened on that fateful night, not ever necessarily forgiving themselves for the pain that was caused, but creating lives of their own beyond the tragedy, others circle back to that night over and over, in a downward spiral that only ends in more pain. Love is found and lost. Relationships grow and ebb. Careers are built and tumble down.

But through it all, this core group of characters friends is a bit of a stretch, especially as time goes on are reunited over and over, always being reminded of the terrible bond they share. But, not long after I considered the need to make a chart thankfully I was able to contain myself and not get that crazy , the storylines diverged enough that each individual became unique and separate from the whole, while still being connected to the main tale.

By the end of the book, I was definitely drawn to some characters and their personal struggles to deal with the shared tragedy, while I was disgusted at how others chose to profit from the pain of someone else. Creating such strong feelings about the players, whether positive or negative, is the mark of a great writer.

Like a wheel, with the central hub being the fateful night of the first chapter, each character spins off as a spoke, creating a life of their own, yet never being able to fully shake their shared nexus. They will be the alpha and omega of this post. People actually fly to Chengdu to stay for less than twenty-four hours, simply to stop in at our panda research base. Due to our recent rocking and rolling, thanks to Mother Nature, the trip entailed an initial reconnaissance phase, followed by a twelve-hour panda-riffic adventure.

The first attempt was not meant to be just an information gathering leg, but rather a real excursion that was abruptly called to a halt when the earthquake turned our winding, narrow road through the gorge into a lesson in dodging increasingly larger and larger rock slides. Also, sweep up the tree leaves that litter the ground outside the cages.

This hour of work was interspersed with as much stopping to watch the pandas and to holler at the two other work groups as it was filled with actual exertion. Maybe it was just for a second or two, but it happened. It was awesome.


Twigs by Alison Ashley Formento. And yet, standing less than five feet tall, that is just what Madeline Henry would like as she gets ready to start her freshman year of college. But, it is not to be. The premise is a good one: a young girl is facing the next stage of her life as those she is closest to also go through their own personal transitions. But, it is too much of a good thing! There are boyfriends, the willful destruction of a classic car, an alcoholic father, heck, there is even the loss of an eye!

The tale quickly becomes overwhelming and unbelievable in its scope. What this narrative needs is a good editor. I really do like the potential behind this book, but I feel like Formento would benefit from someone looking at her story outline and crossing out at least a third of the drama. This reminds me of the famous quote by Coco Chanel about always looking in the mirror before you leave the house and taking one thing off.

This book could use a little accessory editing. Twigs , while a young adult book, definitely skews to the high school side of the genre. For this reason, Twigs earns a middle-of-the-road:. The young adult book genre has expanded rapidly over the last decade, creating reading niches for a variety of teenage interests, from the currently ubiquitous choices that include vampires and werewolves to the popular dystopian series.

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I think it is outstanding when kids sitting in their suburban American homes can open and book and be suddenly transported to Southeast Asia, South Africa or South America. Names are an important part of this tale, with the narrator going by several different ones, depending on who is addressing her.

Tale is a fitting label for this book, as it reads like a mystical tale from the ancient oral traditions, tying the reader up in the story as pages fly by. Lance Carbuncle and I are soulmates or anything, but I believe we share certain twists in personality.

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Really other than his fascination with all things scatological and his not liking Ronnie James Dio in Black Sabbath or was that just his character? I think we would get along just fine. This is the second book of his that I've read and I think I actually liked it better than [book:Grundish and Askew ] which was a more serious novel about scat and maybe Ronnie James Dio too, I can't remember.

This was just really freaking funny. I wanted to call it "white trash noir" but it's not really that maybe because that's not a thing? Is that a thing?

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There's a bunch of metaphysical stuff going on so maybe "Trailer Supernatural"? I mean it's definitely in the "absurd", "gonzo" thing but I feel like it could be further categorized, maybe for no other reason than to create a category that Mr. Carbuncle can be made famous for. So what I'm saying is read it, it's probably not like anything you've read before. I wasn't turned off so much by the toilet humour [but why have a note for 'cutting the cheese'? The drug use and depression issue being waived away by sterotypes when this archetype is your narrator is a cop-out.

If he truly thought of himself as a loser we'd get it by his actions other than "Hey so I'm a 35 year old who lives in his mom basement" as way of explanation. The attitude irked me and I wasn't feeling the "Soo hilarious" reviews. You can laugh with a character or laugh at a character and I wasn't in the mood to laugh at cliches of homeless people and aging bar sluts. The TV show Arrested Development managed both tasks but this book didn't do it for me.

I can't stand these cliches of basing people's attributes on their jobs.

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My mistake for reading the kindle store description that the book was about a dog's roadtrip to Florida. This story had some funny discussions between the characters but viewing women as strictly vaginas was too much of a turn-off for me.

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I'm not the target audience for this book.