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In Medical and Surgical Conditions all that manipulates needed in the works. Prelinger Archives Goodreads then! Exercise therapy has a remarkably broad area of application at the Wiener Privatklinik. The most common applications can be found in conservative and operative orthopedics, sports medicine, neurology especially rehabilitation following strokes , in pain therapy and gynecology e. The massage is one of the oldest remedies of humankind. The remedial massage treats skin, connective tissue and muscles through stretching, tension and pressure stimuli. The effect of the remedial massage extends from the treated area over the whole body and involves the psyche.

Pre & Post-Operative Rehabilitation

The indications for remedial massage include painful muscle tension, hardening, diseases of the musculoskeletal system such as spinal syndrome, pain after injury or surgery, but also digestive disorders, scar treatments and even mental problems such as depression. A further area of application of the massage is the treatment of parses, spasms, neuralgia and sensory disturbances in the service of neurology.

Other areas include stress-related psychosomatic symptoms, which are essentially related to the heart and blood circulation. The range of effects on the body is as large as the range of treatment theories and the corresponding massage techniques: The massage leads, among other things, to increased local blood circulation, it lowers blood pressure and pulse rate, it not only relaxes the muscles, skin and connective tissue, but also the psyche, reduces adhesion and scar tissue, improves wound healing, relieves pain, reduces stress, and stimulates metabolism in the tissue.

The classical massage techniques are based on five movements:. Cryotherapy is known from television: The injured footballer who was lying motionless on the pitch and then chases another goal without any visible pain clearly demonstrates the effect of cold treatment in this case, in the form of a cooling spray.

Massage and Remedial Exercises in Medical and Surgical Conditions

There is a large range of cold therapies: There is a large number of procedures, which lead to local or generalized cooling, to treat acute or chronic painful conditions. A distinction is made in cryotherapy depending on the temperature applied between extreme cold, e. Cold therapy includes local applications in the form of ice packs or cooling gel and full-body cold treatments which act on the body for one to two minutes at approx. Cold treatments can lead to improved blood circulation, pain relief and they have a decongestant effect.

Most applications are limited to minutes to prevent hypothermia and cold injuries. Manual lymphatic drainage treats venous or lymphatic congestion, often in combination with other physical therapies such as decongestion exercises and bandaging. The treatment promotes the removal of fluid via the lymphatic vessels and the venous system and it is used for swelling after injuries or operations, lymphatic edemas, swelling in joint regions and diseases of the rheumatic spectrum.

With regard to manual lymphatic drainage, the therapist uses different movement techniques to loosen tissue on the one hand, and to stimulate the transport activity of the lymph nodes on the other hand. The lymphatic drainage normally takes place in two phases:. Manual therapy deals with the diagnosis and treatment of functional disorders with regard to the musculoskeletal system: It treats disorders or blockages of the spine, joints, muscles and nerves, which are the result of disturbed movements within a joint and can cause several conditions throughout the whole body.

Manual therapy eliminates such disorders through targeted movements. In addition to pain relief and the improvement of health concerns, the focus of manual therapy is the restoration of the mobility of joints, which are functionally impaired, but are still intact in principle. At the beginning of the therapy, the spine and joints are manually palpated and mobility and reflexes are tested. If there is a blockage, it can be treated with chiropractic therapy under certain circumstances. With regard to the actual treatment, manipulative and mobilizing methods are available.

The mobilizing measures include e. Regarding manipulative treatments, the therapist makes fast and powerful movements on the limbs to be treated. This form of therapy is an equipment-aided form of training, which improves the general and special performance and capacity of the human body. Medical training therapy is indicated, for example, for chronic fatigue syndrome, vascular diseases such as arterial hypertension, a chronic spinal syndrome and to build up muscle in connection with rehabilitation measures after orthopedic or trauma surgery.

Balance, coordination and posture, strength, flexibility, speed or endurance are trained depending on the type of training. The treatment is divided into four phases. Phase 1 is mobilization training, phase 2 is stabilization training, followed by functional training and weight-bearing resistance training. Mud baths are full or partial baths in peat mixed with water. On the one hand, its effect is due to the fact that the peat keeps the heat for a long time and it transfers the heat to the body in a bath considerably slower than water.

Massage therapist self-care: Thumb pain

Mud baths are therefore used as so-called overheating baths: A 20 minute mud bath with a temperature up to 46 degrees is not felt as unpleasantly hot and allows the body temperature to increase by two degrees, an artificially generated fever so to speak. Mud treatments have a positive influence on the immune system and metabolism due to this warming up of the core body temperature. Furthermore, the heat relaxes the muscles and the nervous system. On the other hand, peat also contains anti- inflammatory substances.

Mud treatments are recommended for arthrosis, osteoporosis, rheumatism, Bekhterev disease, gynecological diseases and menopausal complaints. The nervous system can also be treated with manual methods: Neural mobilization is a manual medicine technique for treating annoying pains such as sciatic pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, pains when moving the spine, extending the leg or arm, sensory disturbances and tingling sensations.

Such restrictions can occur, as nerve tissue is much less elastic and flexible than muscles. Nerves must therefore be able to slide up to 10 cm between other tissues when moving our arms and legs, but also the spine. If this sliding movement is impaired due to external constriction, or if the nerve is damaged inside, severe pain can occur.

Tests can determine whether the external sliding ability or the internal elasticity of the nerves is impaired prior to the actual neural mobilization. With regard to the exercises for neural mobilization, the affected nerve is stretched painlessly and then relaxed by bending the corresponding joints. The nerve is shifted against padding or structures by repeating small movements of the affected joint until slight stretching pain occurs. Physiotherapy is an integral part of modern medicine.

Massage and Remedial Exercises in Medical and Surgical Conditions

Many treatment successes are based on physiotherapy. Application is possible at every stage of life. It is often more effective and less risky than medicinal therapies. Physiotherapy is used in rehabilitation to initiate, intensify and accelerate healing processes. Beyond rehabilitation after surgery, accidents or illness, it can also correct incorrect posture with regard to everyday complaints, balance unbalanced muscle power proportions, restore impaired processes in the body, relieve or remove inflammatory processes and support patients to actively and independently work on their recovery.

Physiotherapy at the Wiener Privatklinik begins with the determination of the functional, movement and activity limitations of the individual patient as part of a physiotherapeutic examination.

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The treatment combines the expertise of excellent physicians with the high pedagogical and manual competences of our physiotherapists. On the one hand, physical therapy causes natural, physiological reactions of the body such as motor learning, muscle building and metabolism stimulation.

Welcome to Barwon Soft Tissue Therapies

On the other hand, it provides the patients with an improved understanding for the functioning of their own bodies and motivates them to treat their own bodies responsibly. The aim is always the restoration, maintenance or promotion of good health combined with the freedom from pain or reduction of pain.

With regard to physiotherapy, the treatments are carried out by highly-qualified physiotherapists at the Wiener Privatklinik. The treatment is adapted individually to the anatomical and physiological requirements of the patients, to their personality and motivation. Shiatsu is the Japanese word for finger pressure. Shiatsu is the name of a body therapy developed in Japan, which was developed from the traditional Chinese massage and which combines energetic body work with manual treatment methods to achieve wellbeing.

In this respect, body weight becomes more effective than muscle power. In contrast to acupuncture and acupressure, it is not only individual points on the body that are stimulated. Shiatsu is usually practiced on a mat or a special futon on the floor. The hands fingers and balls of the thumbs are used in the treatment, but also the elbows and knees. In addition to gentle rhythmic movements, deeper movements are also used as well as stretching and rotation.

The term thermotherapy is used to summaries all types of treatment, which are based on the application of heat. Thermotherapy has a wide range, which extends from simple local red-light heat application within physiotherapy through to selective cell destruction by means of ultrasound for the treatment of tumors. The term also generally covers cold therapies.


The simplest and most original form of thermotherapy is the hot roll: Towels soaked in hot water are rolled up and applied to painful body regions to cool down. The damp heat has an analgesic effect and a relaxing effect on painfully tensed muscles. This form of heat therapy is used to treat a wide range of painful conditions, especially those caused by degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Examples include arthroses of the large and small joints and degenerative spinal disorders. Painful muscle tension can also be treated with heat therapy. The heat treatment should be immediately followed by targeted physiotherapeutic after-treatment with movement exercises or massages to utilize the analgesic and relaxing effects. In terms of a holistically orientated service offering, the Wiener Privatklinik offers thermotherapy at the highest quality level.

You can obtain more detailed information on osteopathic medicine; physical therapy from our telephone info-line or by email.

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