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There was also another attempted mass suicide of the remaining members, which was thwarted in the late s. These people believed, according to the teachings of their group, that through their suicides they were "exiting their human vessels" so that their souls could go on a journey aboard a spaceship they believed to be following comet Haleā€”Bopp. In May , two Heaven's Gate members who had not been present for the mass suicide attempted suicide, one succeeding, the other becoming comatose for two days and then recovering.

In , in Mymensingh , Bangladesh , a family of nine, all members of a novel "Adam's cult", committed mass suicide by hurling themselves under a train. This sect was originally a splinter group of the Brahma Kumaris [40] and is known for a police and media scare in which an alleged attempt to commit ritual suicide took place in Teide National Park in Tenerife in The group believed in the end of the world but according to the religious studies scholar Georg Schmid [41] and the sociologist Massimo Introvigne had no intention of collective suicide.

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Suicide Social aspects. Suicide crisis. Assessment of risk Crisis hotline list Intervention Prevention Suicide watch. Suicide types. Suicide methods. Asphyxiation Hanging Train Cop Seppuku. List of suicides Suicide in antiquity List of suicides in the 21st century. In warfare. Banzai charge Kamikaze Suicide attack Suicide mission. Related phenomena.


By country. Main article: Jonestown. Main article: Order of the Solar Temple. Main article: Heaven's Gate religious group.

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Anchor, University of Virginia. This gives Farewell to the World an overall coherence that complements its highly interesting content. He provides plentiful statistical data alongside an engagingly-written verbal analysis of the chosen areas.

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The first section of the book focuses on Europe and the West. Its scope is wide-ranging, encompassing a period from the Middle Ages through to the early twentieth century.

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The author examines trends in suicide with the aim of identifying cultural and historical factors that could account for the rise in the number of voluntary deaths, which was noted by nineteenth-century intellectuals. Barbagli gives a review of pre-Christian and [End Page ] early Christian beliefs about suicide before moving on to give detailed attention to legislative perspectives. He identifies a period during the mid sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, when "Christian ethics on suicide showed the first signs of crisis, in cultural elites, at least" 72 , and a shift in beliefs became visible in the public realm.

During this time, there was a destabilization in the established structures of thinking and perception regarding Christian tenets and symbolism, "which for centuries had guarded men and women against the temptation of taking their own lives" Referring at the beginning of each chapter to Durkheim's theory on the increase in suicide, which he attributes to a decline in social integration and connectedness, the author re-examines the factors analyzed by Durkheim and introduces a variety of other information that shows Durkheim's ideas to be insufficient as an explanation for the trend.

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For instance, Durkheim's assertions that over time, "the prohibition against taking one's own life became 'ever more strict"' and "that censure of suicide grew in parallel with the development of the rights of the individual against the state" 71 , which have been widely adopted by social scientists, are disproven by the impressive quantity of evidence Barbagli provides throughout this study.

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